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Khanom is a town in south Thailand. It is starting to grow as a tourist destination. An ideal time to visit Khanom would be now, before the tourist industry becomes too big. Now is when you can best take advantage of quiet sandy beaches. And now would be a good time to experience the pink dolphins. is a network of sites dedicated to connecting you to your most awesome self

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For tourists who have been to Phuket or Samui, it may be hard to believe there is a sandy beach in Thailand that is clean and quiet. Well, Khanom is not only known for its pink dolphins. It also has about six miles of sandy beach where few people go. is a network of sites dedicated to connecting you to your most awesome self

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Visit Khanom Now

Khanom is known for its rare pink dolphins. However that is not all there is to see and do in Khanom. There are caves, waterfalls, a national park with indigenous wildlife, and there are sandy beaches. The area of Nai Plao Beach has some budget accomodations as well as small shops and restaurants. Visitors to Khanom can take tours around the national park, take a boat tour around unique volcanic rock formations, encounter the pink dolphins, and enjoy watersports or just relaxing on the beach.

Khanom has not yet become a tourist mecca. Most visitors to Khanom are Thai tourists, or foreign travelers looking for something a little different. The wild nightlife scenes of Bangkok and Phuket are not to be found here. What you can find are quiet enclaves and friendly people. For many a traveler, the presence of a sandy beach without crowds of other tourists is a paradise.

As you approach Khanom, you will see a fountain-like statue of pink dolphins playing. Perhaps this is more than just a tribute to the rare species that can be seen in the waters of Khanom. Maybe it is a tribute to the spirit of Khanom. It seems that when people encounter dolphins - especially the pink dolphins - their feelings are lifted. In Khanom, people laugh a lot. You may even find that you are laughing more than usual while you stay in Khanom. Is it the spirit of the pink dolphin?

Accomodations range from budget to quite expensive. The hotels and resorts that line the beach tend to charge more for their location. You can also expect very fine amenities and service in these hotels. However, for far less the price, you can have very comfortable accomodations that are not on the beach, but very close to it. Before you go to Khanom, spend a little time getting to know about the different hotels. See what past visitors have said about them. And then make your choice according to your needs and desires.

A quaint town with small shops and convenience stores; caves, waterfalls, and volcanic rocks; serene beaches and pink dolphins. You may just end up staying in Khanom for a long time. Find the right place to stay; a comfortable place, close to restaurants, shops, and the beach. Find your place in Khanom. Visit Khanom Now is a network of sites dedicated to connecting you to your most awesome self

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Highlight of Khao Sok National Park

A highlight of Khao Sok National Park is the Chiao Lan Reservoir which was formed when the Ratchaphrapha Dam was built. It is essentially an expansive, blue-green lake set in the middle of a national park. Boat tours wind around the jutting limestone cliffs, which remind many of Guilin in China. See more about the wildlife at Khao Sok

In Chiao Lan Reservoir there are opportunities to see wildlife including several endangered species. When the lake was formed, it created islands where connected forest used to be. Some species of animals were indigenous to that specific area where an island was formed. But, unfortunately, as we have learned, their survival was dependent upon being a part of the whole ecosystem. The formation of islands has caused the extinction of nearly all the species of animals that were unique to those areas.

While the lake is beautiful and the scenery is amazing, the fate of the animal species that lived there before there was a dam has served to remind us all of our responsibility to nature. Around Khao Sok there is an atmosphere of eco-consciousness. Hotels make efforts to be eco-friendly. And tourists are constantly reminded of the importance of preserving natural wonders like Khao Sok.

See more about the wildlife at Khao Sok

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Thailand - rich in culture A Primer On Thai Tradition

Thailand is rich in traditions and customs. Knowledge of Thai traditions will make your holiday in Thailand much more pleasant.

You are all set for your vacation in Thailand. Undoubtedly it will be a great trip and you will get some very deserved relaxation. However, you should realize that in the past some travelers did not have such a good time in The Land Of Smile, and that is because they made some mistakes. Most mistakes that travelers have made could have been avoided if they used plain old common sense. But some mistakes were made because of “culture clash.” The foreign traveler and the local Thai person just did not understand one another. A few tips about Thai tradition can help you avoid the same pitfalls and make your holiday in Thailand so much better.

Communication is always enhanced when you, a traveler, show respect for the customs and traditions of the local culture. The Thai people will warm up to you immediately when they see that you care about their ways. So let’s get to it.

1. The wai (pronounced like “why”). When Thai people greet each other, they put their hands together in front of their faces, and bow their heads. This gesture is called “wai.” It is a gesture of respect. According to custom, the younger person wai’s first, and the older (or more important) person returns the wai. You will see the wai in action every time a store cashier hands you your purchase, and every time you any sort of dealing with a Thai person. In the west, people shake hands. In Thailand, people wai.

Important The people do not expect you to wai them. You were not taught this from childhood, as they were. If you try to wai someone, you are likely to get something wrong and cause embarrassment, and you don’t want to do that. It is better to just be yourself, smile quietly, and if you feel like it, bow your head ever so slightly. When someone honors you (with a wai, for example), your polite response will go a long way toward mutual respect and even friendship.

2. Your feet are used for walking. Your feet are at the lowest end or your body when you stand, and they are nearest to the dirt and soil. In Thailand it is extremely impolite to use your feet for pointing at something or someone. Avoid using your feet to point toward a religious institution, such as a temple or a shrine. Above all, avoid letting your feet point at people. When you are sitting down, and you cross your legs, be extra careful that the bottom of your foot does not point at another person. If it did, the other person would see this as very insulting. This tradition and some other traditions may be losing steam in Thai society. Still, it may help to sustain good relations by simply minding what we do with our feet.

3. Resist touching people on the head. This is another custom that appears to be losing steam in Thailand, but some people are still sensitive about it. To put your hand on a person’s head is akin to damaging that person’s spirit. There are stories of Thai men using violence, punching people in defense to avoid being touched on the head. The rule applies to everyone, including children and even little babies.

4. Avoid displays of anger. This is very hard, especially when trying to communicate can be so frustrating. Take it easy. Angry eruptions will not fix anything, just make things worse. Notice that the Thais are very gentle - perhaps even too docile at times. They are flabbergasted when someone acts out in anger. Many communications break-downs got much worse when a foreigner blew up in frustration. It may be difficult sometimes, but keeping calm and friendly is key to getting along well in Thailand.

These four points may seem trivial when you read them. And they are only four of many many Thai customs that westerners may not comprehend. But they are a good place to start. Keeping your mind on these four customs - as well as others that you may learn - will go a long way in improving your relations with the Thai people, and ensuring that your vacation in Thailand is a pleasant one.

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The Arab Spring Began One Year Ago With The Jasmine Revolution
WorldsWays Living History In Progress with Current Events in the World “The Arab Spring Began One Year Ago With The Jasmine Revolution” by Jerry Waxman What really ignited the “Arab Spring?” As with many events and issues that stem from the middle east facts get fused with rumors and inflated rhetoric. What really happened doesn’t matter; it is the narrative that riles people’s emotions and spurns them to action. So it was with the Jasmine Revolution, the first volley in the Arab uprising. When a vegetable vendor in Tunisia lit himself on fire, neither the press nor the thousands of people who rose up in protest questioned his motivation. Witnesses to the events gave a different account to that which spread like wildfire. But, again, the facts didn’t matter. The story that was told was the story that moved people to action. It remains the incident in living history that changed the course of the world story. The Jasmine Revolution began in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia when a street vegetable vendor, Mohammed Bouazizi, set fire to himself in front of the governor’s office. Bouazizi was, by all accounts, a victim of police harassment. Why the police targeted Bouazizi has not been discussed in the press. However, as the story goes, police officers, including at least one female officer, roughed up Bouazizi and confiscated his scales. When the governor refused to hear Bouazizi’s complaint, the vendor went outside, doused himself with gasoline, and lit a match to

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Can Islam And Democracy Get Along
WorldsWays World Story with Current Events in the World “Can Islam And Democracy Get Along” by Jerry Waxman The Arab Spring has been hailed as a great boon for democracy, freedom, and human rights. But is it? The loss of autocratic rulers has meant the rise in power of religious Islamic parties. In Tunisia, in Morocco, and now in Egypt, voters have given religious Islamic parties an advantage. Since the American revolution, we have associated democracy with separation of church and state. So where voters have given weight to the proposition that the religion informs the law, we have to ask, “Can Islam and Democracy work together?” Can they get along? In October, 2003, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad complained about how the Jews rule the world. “They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy . . ” Whether or not Jews had actually invented any of these institutions is immaterial. What Mohamad was suggesting was that human rights and democracy were detrimental to society. While his anti-semitic comments were condemned in the western world, they were embraced in the Arab world. So again the question, can Islam and Democracy coincide? Central to the question of the coexistence of Islam and Democracy in Arab states is the issue of human rights. The question is not “what are human rights in Islam?” but rather how do religious Islamic leaders view human rights? Whatever the Quran says can be interpreted in different

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"Svetlana Alliluyeva Is No Longer Tormented By Joseph Stalin"
WorldsWays World Story with Current Events in the World “Svetlana Alliluyeva Is No Longer Tormented By Joseph Stalin” by Jerry Waxman “Facts About Joseph Stalin” Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union from 1928 to 1953 Stalin was empowered by widespread propaganda and misinformation. Stalin was able to maintain power by use of secret police who would eliminate opposition. More citizens of the Soviet Union died because of Stalin’s policies than because of World War II Joseph Stalin had a daughter. She called herself Svetlana Alliluyeva. Svetlana Alliluyeva, known as Lana Peters, has passed away in her adopted home in Wisconsin, U.S.A. The facts about Joseph Stalin would be incomplete if we failed to mention the odyssey of his only daughter, Svetlana. She was the darling child of the Soviet Union. She was their Shirley Temple. Coddled as a child by her father, she became in her youth an object of his brutality and control. Nikita Kruschev recalls in his diary a ballroom dance during which Stalin pulled his daughter to the dance floor by her hair. Stalin disapproved of Svetlana Alliluyeva’s alliances. He sent her first lover to Siberia. Svetlana had a shortlived marriage, which her father approved, before Joseph Stalin died in 1953. After her father’s death, Svetlana became subject to the whims and concerns of the Soviet leaders. When she had an opporutunity to go to India, she seized the opportunity to defect to America.

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"Adventures In Democracy; Deciding Who Rules - The People Or The Government "
<p><em> WorldsWays <b>World Story</b> with <b> Current Events in the World </b></em> <p><a href=”/snapshot-27-november-2011/”><font face=”times new roman” style=”color:#440000” size=”5”> “Adventures In Democracy; Deciding Who Rules - The People Or The Government “</font></a><br /> <em>by Jerry Waxman</em> </p><p> Some elements of democracy seem self-contradictory. It is supposed to be rule by majority, but also representative of minorities. It is supposed to be government by the people, but those who hold elected office are empowered to make decisions that go against the people’s consensus. </p><p> It remains to be seen if Morocco’s recent elections and new democratic system are actual or a mere farce. The people voted, but the king still holds certain powers. Then there is the question of how effective a prime minister can be under the new system. Morocco’s next prime minister will come from a religious Islamic party that has advocated stricter observance of Islamic law than Morocco has sustained up to now. The ruling party also received less than 25% of the vote. </p><p> So far the recent elections in Morocco seem to have gone peacefully. Not so in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the DRC loyalists of different parties have declared war on each other before elections have even been held. Despite the violence, the

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